The Guardian (guardian_news) wrote,
The Guardian

Gemma Arterton and Keira Knightley write hardhitting pieces for feminist collection

Arterton reimagines her Bond girl role for the #MeToo era, while Knightly writes frankly about the experience of motherhood

Keira Knightley has written a highly personal and revelatory essay about childbirth and motherhood, and Gemma Arterton has written a short story radically reimagining her Bond film character Strawberry Fields, for the collection Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies, curated by Scarlett Curtis.

Knightley, whose daughter was born in 2015, is about to release Colette, in which she stars as the eponymous French writer, celebrated for her taboo-breaking literary work. It is her first lead role for some time, having scaled back her acting work after giving birth.

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