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Best summer books 2018, as picked by writers and cultural figures – part two

From Pulitzer prize-winners to Penguin classics, poetry anthologies to the latest page-turners, here are the books to take to the beach this summer

Illustrations by Leon Edler

I loved Andrew Sean Greer’s Pulitzer prize-winning Less (Little, Brown) and I can’t think of a better book to stash in your suitcase. It follows Arthur Less – who keeps emphatically reiterating that he is absolutely not heartbroken by his boyfriend marrying someone else – from San Francisco to Japan, to Italy and back again. Like a rare diamond, Greer’s prose sparkles, illuminates and cuts. I’ve also just been sent an advance proof of some new Lucia Berlin short stories, Evening in Paradise (Picador). Any publication of hers is a major cause for celebration, as far as I’m concerned. I might have to feign illness to devote myself to them. I’m hoping to pick up a copy of Lauren Groff’s new novel, Florida (William Heinemann), before I head off to the Highlands next week; her last book, Fates and Furies, was a fascinating and febrile read. This one promises snakes, sinkholes and sisters, so I’m in.

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